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KEYSBACKYARDPART.COM Sauna Troubleshooting

Please fill in the form and we will help you troubleshoot the problem!

Remember that some parts require special technical skills in order to be replaced, particularly electrical parts so do not attempt to replace them before you receive our instructions.
Your sauna consists of many parts and sometimes certain parts stop working. One of the necessary parts for a fully functioning sauna is the adapter/transformer. <br> Adapter is a part of the electrical system that serves as a connector of one system to another in this case, the power cord to the power source. Transformer could be a part of the adapter when one kind of current is changed into another.<br><br> If your sauna stopped working, there could be an electrical problem. If so one of the reasons could be a malfunctioning or a burned out adapter.<br> Considering that adapters should be picked carefully and precisely to match the requirements of the electric device they are connecting to the grid - picking the right adapter is very important.<br> There are many reasons why adapter/transformer might be out of order. Adapter can get damaged through wear and tear. Poor quality electrical grid can also contribute to the adapter dieing. <br> The problem in electrics can also be due to a non-functional socket. You can check if the socket is functional by plugging another operational electrical device, anything from a phone charger to a kettle. But the socket is working otherwise, it is likely that the adapter needs replacing. <br> If you’re not sure about the cause of the issue, use the troubleshooting form.<br><br> If you’re certain that the problem is with a broken adapter we can help you replace the adapter. In fact, if you’re looking for any replacement part for your infrared sauna you’ve come to the right place. <br><br> We’re looking forward to helping fixing your sauna!
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